How To Lock A Motorbike Easiest

How To Lock A Motorbike Easiest

Protecting your assets is not always easy, but it’s not difficult either. Locking your motorbike to ensure safety is also something that many people care about. How To Lock A Motorbike Easiest will show you the simplest ways to lock a motorbike.

With the sophistication and the support of tools, motorbike theft is becoming more and more professional and has the skills to quickly and easily destroy your motorbike. If your motorbike does not have anti-theft locks installed.

Thieves are now also very methodical and very dangerous, they plan in advance and carefully monitor the object they target to steal property, along with professional equipment and tools. To avoid those unfortunate cases from happening, you should know how to protect and prevent your motorbike from being stolen effectively.

1. Install motorcycle anti-theft lock

This is the most effective and also the simplest way that How To Lock A Motorbike Easiest introduces you. However, you also need to choose a suitable and effective anti-theft lock, most people are often subjective and do not pay attention to this. For you to have the most overview, we will categorize for you to choose from. Motorcycle anti-theft locks usually have 2 types:

Mechanical anti-theft lock: prevent mechanical short, short, and break motorbike lock.

Electronic motorcycle anti-theft lock: this type has many types and features such as locating, and finding vehicles, and alarms. Turn off the motorcycle’s electrical system.


Depending on the model of your vehicle, you can choose the type of anti-theft lock accordingly.

2. Put your motorbike in a discreet and safe place where you are not allowed to be subjective

When you are too subjective, it will also arouse the greed of people with bad intentions, so theft is more likely to happen. You keep your property in a discreet place, your motorbike will be safer if the motorbike thief does not realize its presence. This makes sense and works very well in cases when you have to leave the motorbike for a long time, such as at night or when you are working, for example, you will not be able to notice your motorbike.

If you leave it in an unsafe place, you will also feel anxious and insecure, unable to focus on work. It is recommended that you park your motorbike in an area with a safe view such as a garage, or indoors and lock the gate. This is also a way to help you feel much more secure and also an extremely effective way to prevent motorbike theft.

Especially do not park your motorbike on the roadway because sometimes things happen and you will have to leave your motorbike for longer. That’s why you should ensure the safety of your motorbike wherever you are, not be subjective.

3. Lock the neck of the motorbike and close the lock cover from the motorcycle

For modern motorcycles, the manufacturer has incorporated a magnetic lid lock and of course, this lock is not for display but it has a clear purpose. This magnetic cover lock helps protect the padlock more securely. Specifically, to break the locking lid from a motorbike, motorbike theft will take a minimum of 1 to 2 minutes or longer and not all thieves can break this magnetic cover.


This will help prolong the time it takes for you to detect that your motorbike is being peeped at. And most motorbike thieves will ignore the motorbikes that are locked and close the magnetic lock cover to find the target easier.

4. Lock the vehicle with a fixed object such as a fork lock or a homemade lock

These types of locks have been around for a long time and are also old locks, but their effects are also very good. It is very effective against motorcycle theft. Your job is to choose a good lock. The way to choose is that you should choose a type with a thick body, a material that limits the bite force of the pliers plus the force of cutting into the lock body to avoid being stolen by using specialized pliers to cut the lock.

Motorbike thieves will be very embarrassed to see these locks and will not dare to be aggressive with your property. This is also the next way that How To Lock A Motorbike Easiest sent to you.

5. Install alarm bells for motorcycles

Alarm bells aka motorbike alarms are an extremely effective way. The installation of an alarm will help you or those around you to see that a stranger is touching your motorbike. Just someone touching the motorbike will make a noise and the crooks will not dare to do anything to your motorbike anymore. It can be said that for motorbike thieves, the most worrisome thing is the alarm that makes a noise.


Motorcycle thieves are very allergic to motorbikes that have alarms installed and will not dare to steal motorbike with bells, because when the alarm sounds, it will attract everyone’s attention and the crooks will be detected. A little tip that How To Lock A Motorbike Easiest wants to share with you is: In some situations, whether you have an alarm or not, just act like your motorbike has a bell.

With this little tip, it is very useful to make thieves suspicious and find a way to confirm.

6. Use a secret switch mounted in the least expected location

Even if you can get the motorbike, and break the motorbike lock, one of the problems after breaking the motorbike lock is that the motorbike thief will have to start the engine. However, with a different way to start the motorbike than the usual way, the motorbike thief will not be able to escape. Because with a motorbike with the engine off but unable to start the engine, real theft will not solve anything.

To do this, you will need to rebuild your motorbike by adding a secret switch to the ignition system. This installation is quite easy and harmless to the engine and almost any mechanic can do it. In addition, the key point of this way to prevent motorbike theft is to find a lock position for each person who will choose a different location, but only you know, if your motorbike will be extremely safe.

7. Remove the key from the lock when leaving the motorbike at home

This is the easiest reason to lose the motorbike because this is a subjective habit of many motorcyclists or sometimes in a hurry to accidentally forget to take the key out of the motorbike. The habit of not closing the door tightly, and leaving the motorbike in the house with the lock on the lock is the reason for many motorbike thefts.


So the best way to prevent motorbike theft is the day from your actions. Take your keys and registration with you when you leave the motorbike because if you have these things will be much easier for the crooks. This is also the next way that How To Lock A Motorbike Easiest sent to you.

8. Attach a GPS device to your vehicle

If possible, you should buy this device. It has a great effect on the protection of your motorcycle. The reason you probably already know is that when unfortunately you lose your car, you will also know where your motorbike is currently to search. This is also the last way How To Lock A Motorbike Easiest sends you.

These are simple and quite effective methods of preventing motorcycle theft. You should spend some time choosing some of the methods above to protect your assets. Hopefully, the article How To Lock A Motorbike Easiest will provide useful information for you.

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