How To Maintain Your Motorcycle

How To Maintain Your Motorcycle

Motorcycles are a popular means of transportation for many people. To be able to use it for a long time, you need to maintain your motorcycle to promptly detect and handle damaged parts. How To Maintain Your Motorcycle will help you find ways to maintain your motorcycle.

Why should you have your motorcycle serviced regularly?

Early detection of damage

After a period of operation, the parts on the vehicle are in danger of being degraded, if not detected in time, it will lead to severe damage and affect other parts. Therefore, periodic inspection and maintenance help users detect motorcycle damage early and repair it. At the same time, help the parts on the vehicle to be ensured and operate smoothly.

Ensure safety, save costs

Regular motorcycle maintenance helps the vehicle to operate at its proper capacity and maintain its functions well. This minimizes the sudden breakdown of the motorbike while moving, avoiding hindering your work.
At the same time, periodic motorcycle maintenance helps to reduce repair costs and improve the durability of the vehicle.


When the problem is fixed in time, it will limit the cost of motorcycle repair due to unforeseen circumstances.

Increase the life of machine parts

In all motorcycles, whether it’s manual or a scooter, after a period of operation, some parts will malfunction, more specifically the engine parts. Worn machine parts can be mentioned as engine oil, and brake fluid, which reduces efficiency and capacity when operating, causing danger to users if not detected and replaced soon.

Besides, other parts such as brakes, tires, ignition system, electrical system, rims, and saddle are easy to damage after a period of use. Early detection of damage to handle and repair in time, preventing affecting other machine parts will help motorcycle parts increase significantly in life. These are the reasons that you should maintain your motorcycle in How To Maintain Your Motorcycle.

Tips to maintain your motorbike for a long time

Periodic vehicle maintenance, periodic oil changes, battery and spark plug checks

Our motorcycle can only operate stably, and smoothly and save fuel when it is regularly maintained. However, many people when riding a motorcycle often do not care about this issue. Especially the women. Routine maintenance is like regular health check-ups. Regular inspection will soon detect problems in the motorcycle and promptly fix them. Or find out the potential dangers that cause the motorcycle to break down to have a solution.


And that’s the first long-lasting motorcycle maintenance tip that How To Maintain Your Motorcycle wants to share with you, helping you save gas. Regular maintenance will help keep your vehicle running smoothly. The phenomenon of breakdown often causes the vehicle to have trouble moving as well as consume more fuel. So, this is a very useful way if you want your motorcycle to always run smoothly.

And remember to maintain the oil change and motorcycle air filter, and check the battery and spark plugs regularly according to the instructions. Manufacturers all have the advice to perform warranty and periodic maintenance for a certain period. Therefore, it depends on your motorcycle model to do this according to the instructions.

Pay attention to carrying the correct weight allowed

For motorbikes, manufacturers usually only recommend carrying 2 people. At the same time, each vehicle will have a certain weight load. In the user manual, you will be provided with this information in detail.
Pay attention not to overload the vehicle because this will affect the life of the vehicle.

Carrying too heavily for the vehicle’s endurance also puts the vehicle under great pressure. Since then, the motorcycle has to operate harder, which consumes more fuel and wears out the machinery.

Lubricating spare parts

This motorcycle maintenance tip will help brake the motorcycle more effectively and safely, helping the motorcycle not be affected by collisions or traveling on uneven roads. In addition, periodic lubrication of spare parts also helps the motorcycle to be less prone to ballast, and shock, .. giving you a better experience. This is the next tip in How To Maintain Your Motorcycle.

Change the way you drive

This is also one of the most effective motorcycle maintenance tips but often very few people think about it. Most of us usually just sit on the motorcycle and go. Especially the women. Few people know how to drive a motorcycle to ensure that the motorcycle is durable and fuel-efficient.

If you regularly go uphill but keep your gear low, change this habit. Because going uphill without high gear will make the motorcycle “drink” more gas. Or if you have a hobby of accelerating, accelerating suddenly, or braking quickly, also change this habit. These are all driving ways that make the motorcycle prone to damage and fuel consumption.


Or if you have a habit of letting your motorcycle run at a red light for a long time, change it. Because doing this not only saves fuel but also affects the environment. Because even if you’re not running, the motorcycle’s engine still consumes fuel.

In the case of traveling on open roads, you can take motorcycle number 4. If you encounter traffic jams, you can use number 2 or number 3. And when moving to urban areas, you should pay attention. Pay attention and go at a moderate speed. It is necessary to avoid reckless speeding, which is both unsafe and harmful to the vehicle and consumes fuel.

Check the chain tension

If you do not want situations such as broken chains or unexpected dangerous situations, you must remember to check the tension of the chain. When using, the chain must not be too loose but must be paid attention to and well lubricated.

It is one of the more durable parts of the motorcycle, able to withstand up to 30,000km without needing to be replaced. If, after being checked and pulled to the fullest extent, the tensioner is still loose, you should replace it with a new one.

Check your tires regularly

One of the motorcycle maintenance tips that cannot be ignored is that you should regularly check your tires. This is great, but few people notice it. This is a good tip you need to remember because not checking the tires will put you in danger when riding with underinflated tires.

Under-inflated tires will make your engine work harder. Therefore, gasoline will consume more gasoline. In addition, going with an undersized tire also easy to causes the tire or the inner tattoo to fail faster. And even this affects the safety of users in cases of moving in adverse weather. This is the next information in How To Maintain Your Motorcycle.

Check the motorcycle engine regularly

This is also one of the long-lasting motorcycle maintenance tips that you should remember to help your beloved motorcycle have a longer life. As you also know, during the process of engine operation and working, sludge will gradually be formed. And this amount of sludge and sludge is difficult to remove through normal oil drain and discharge.


So if left for a long time, it will be harmful to the motorcycle, making the engine lose its lubricating properties, and the working capacity will be reduced. And there are many other consequences such as wasted fuel, increased heat, and reduced service life.

So to minimize this situation, you need to maintain the habit of regularly checking the engine and maintaining and caring for the motorcycle. Specifically: Carburetor maintenance, air filter cleaning, valve adjustment, and clutch adjustment.

Only start the motorcycle when the signal light is off

You probably know that most scooters are equipped with electronic fuel injection systems. On the dashboard of the motorcycle, there will be a signal for this part. So if when you unlock it, the FI light is still on, it means that this system is still doing the fuel injection into the pump nozzle.

So we should wait a few seconds, wait until the lights go out, and the system has enough fuel to start the motorcycle. This way will help the motorcycle operate correctly and the fuel injection system is also more durable.

Change the habit of refueling

It sounds unrelated, but this is a very good motorcycle maintenance tip you should pay attention to. Often people will think that a full tank is good. However, this can cause the motorcycle to use more gas. At the same time, a motorcycle with too much gasoline can cause a leak that can cause an explosion.


You should also pay attention to the refueling time. Experts recommend choosing the time to refuel in the morning. Because this is a cool time, gasoline is less likely to fly.

Replace coolant

You probably already know that the coolant for the motorcycle plays an important role, helping to reduce the heat of the engine. So the coolant should be replaced about every two years. If you move and operate your motorcycle often, you should check and change it more often.

Check brake system

The maintenance of brake pads for motorcycles is very important, as the safety of the rider can depend on the effective functioning of the brakes. Remember that when the brake pads are thinner than 2mm, it’s time to replace them.

According to the experience of experts in the field of motorcycles, it is recommended to check the brake pads every 10,000 -15,000km depending on the terrain and frequency of the vehicle. And if you’re in a mountainous area, it’s a good idea to check more often.

Paste nylon, and nano to protect the motorcycle paint surface

Usually, when using a new motorcycle bought for less than 1 year, the paint surface has many scratches. So choose a method to protect the motorcycle paint color, from small scratches, light impacts, and weather influences such as nano-coating or nylon fluke to protect the motorcycle paint surface more durable.

Stay alert

This is a motorcycle maintenance tip that Long Phung wants to share last and wants you to remember to always listen to your engine. Listen to see if there are strange sounds or changes in the feeling of driving or not to fix it soon.


Above are extremely useful long-term motorcycle maintenance tips that How To Maintain Your Motorcycle would like to share with readers. Please refer to and perform a check to make sure the motorcycle is operating smoothly and is durable.