11 Surprising Benefits Of Motorcycle Riding

11 Surprising Benefits Of Motorcycle Riding

Choosing a car or a motorbike has become a hot topic of public comment. However, each vehicle will have different benefits. 11 Surprising Benefits Of Motorcycle Riding will show you the benefits of riding a motorcycle.

Can interact with the environment


When you drive a car it means you are protected from all sides. Although there are windows, many people often do not pull down because they want to use the air conditioning in the car. However, when you ride a motorbike, you can directly interact with the environment. You can smell, see, hear, and feel your surroundings. That is the first benefit of riding a motorcycle that 11 Surprising Benefits Of Motorcycle Riding sends to you.

Enhance your reflexes

You need to exercise your whole body to keep your balance when riding a motorbike. The fact is that when driving a motorcycle, humans can relax a bit because sometimes machines can control and balance themselves. However, you need to always be vigilant when driving a motorbike because it also has potential dangers. An experienced racer will have good reflexes and the brain needs to be alert.

Increases brain power

This may sound a bit strange, but it has been scientifically proven that riding a motorbike boosts brain power. There is a study conducted between people who regularly ride motorbikes to work and those who don’t. In studies, it has been found that the brains of motorcyclists are regularly more stimulated than those of non-motorcycle riders.

It has also been shown that the memory and spatial reasoning ability of these racers are also significantly increased compared to normal people. This is the next benefit in 11 Surprising Benefits Of Motorcycle Riding.

Reduces Stress Levels

When you are having a bad day, try riding a motorbike and experience a long distance. Surely you will have to agree that a long motorbike ride on one of your favorite roads will bring peace and sobriety. Scientific studies have also demonstrated the emotional benefits of long-distance driving.


Riding a motorbike has a positive effect on the mental and emotional state of the rider. Especially reducing stress levels. Surely you will feel positive and happy when driving your motorbike on the roads.

Mental improvement

The true meaning of mental relaxation is to cut yourself off from the distractions in your life that constantly prevent you from communicating with yourself. For some riders, riding a motorcycle is what connects them to their inner self. Surroundings like weather conditions, roads, and views are preferences that connect with the driver. One thing is for sure, riding a motorbike can soothe and bring peace to the human spirit.

Helps release happy chemicals

Emotions are chemical reactions in the human brain. There are certain chemicals that the brain releases that make us feel happy, excited, or sad. Hormones like dopamine, oxytocin, endorphins, serotonin, and adrenaline help release happy thoughts in your mind. These hormones are released only when you are excited and if you feel excited while riding a motorbike, you will be happy too.



You can drive alone by choosing a car with a single seat. Even when you choose a bike with a double seat, you still feel comfortable driving without fear of others touching you or your vehicle. Besides, you can freely enjoy the fresh air without having to think much, it simply brings you closer to nature, observing the surrounding scenery more easily when you ride a motorbike.

Less traffic congestion

By motorbike, you can go through crowded areas where traffic jams occur, helping you to move faster. A handheld map is also useful when you don’t know the directions. You also always pay attention to traffic signals, and standing in front will help you move faster. That means that every time the red light comes on, it’s the start of your new race. This is also one of the 11 Surprising Benefits Of Motorcycle Riding.

Parking is easy


You can simply park your car in any parking lot without having to worry about your parking space in traffic jams. That not only saves you money on parking but also saves you time. Instead of spending a lot of time looking for a place to store your car, a motorbike does not make it difficult for you.

No traffic fees

If you ride a motorbike, you won’t have to pay tolls, and you won’t have to wait to buy tickets because the time to stop in front of the toll station is not less, especially at peak hours.

Economical savings

The cost of a motorcycle is not only cheaper than a car, but its performance is also better when you start the engine. If you want to reach the speed from 0-100 km/h in 6 seconds, you have to spend about 6 liters of gasoline for the engine of a luxury 6.0 car, while with the same performance, a motorbike consumes only about 2,1 liter.

This is also the reason for driving a motorbike it saves your monthly budget. That’s the final reason in 11 Surprising Benefits Of Motorcycle Riding.

Motorcycles are compact and more fuel-efficient than cars. If traveling in a city with a dense population, using a motorbike is very convenient. Especially in traffic jams, the motorbike lane will clear faster than the car lane. For families with a small houses, it is possible to leave motorbikes in the house without having to pay for a parking lot like a car.

Another thing worth mentioning is that motorbikes are much more fuel-efficient than cars because to maintain the operation of a car, a large amount of gasoline is required. Not only that, when an accident or scratch occurs, the motorcycle will suffer less material damage.

In addition, motorcycle parts are cheaper than cars, so if there is a theft, it does not cost too much to buy back. It is easier to get by motorbike than by car, which is also the reason why many people choose to use motorbikes instead of cars.

Hopefully, the article 11 Surprising Benefits Of Motorcycle Riding will provide you with useful information.