How To Choose A Motorcycle Most Accurate

How To Choose A Motorcycle Most Accurate

Motorcycles are a popular means of transportation for many people and some countries around the world. However, to choose the right motorbike for each hobby as well as travel needs, not everyone knows. Let’s learn how to choose the right motorcycle through How To Choose A Motorcycle Most Accurate article.

What is a motorcycle?

Motorcycles (also known as motorbikes or two-wheeled vehicles) are mopeds with two wheels in the front-rear direction and are moved by an engine mounted on them. The vehicle is stable in motion thanks to the gyroscopic force when moving.) Normally, the driver controls the vehicle with a steering wheel connected to the front wheel axle.

The two-wheeled vehicle was invented in 1885 by Germans Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach of Bad Cannstatt (a landmark in Stuttgart). There are many types of two-wheeled vehicles: all-terrain (off-road) vehicles, street bikes, multi-purpose vehicles, etc. Some vehicles have side boxes to carry people or goods and have 3 Wheels are called tricycles or sidecars.

Motorcycles are produced with both two-stroke and four-stroke engines and with up to four cylinders. Most motorcycles are air-cooled, although a few can be water-cooled. Engines are usually limited to a displacement of around 1,800 ccs. The smallest designs, called motorcycles have very small engines (50 ccs) with fuel economy of up to 2.4 liters per 100 km (100 miles per gallon).

Such units are not permitted for use on restricted public roads due to their ability to run at low speeds. To increase engine power and displacement, the other five classifications are children’s bikes, dirt bikes, road bikes, touring bikes, and racing bikes. A subcategory of racing bicycles is called superbikes.

These are motorcycles with displacement over 900 ccs and where the saddle tilts forward so that the rider bends over the frame, creating a more aerodynamic look. This is the first piece of information in How To Choose A Motorcycle Most Accurate.


Motorcycles can be classified by transmission type (manual transmission and automatic transmission), purpose of use (multipurpose, long-distance, off-road…), and shape (high side and low side). Low rib motorcycle: also known as a compact motorcycle or a female car, it is characterized by a lower middle rib, and the fuel tank is put under the saddle.

This type of bike is suitable for women to easily get on and off the car and has a small displacement from 49 to less than 170 ccs. High rib motorcycle: also known as Motorcycle, has the characteristic that the side of the vehicle is as high as the saddle or higher, and the middle side is usually a place to store fuel.

This car usually has a bunker design and a large cylinder capacity to match the size and weight of the car, in addition to the taste of large displacement bikes for men. This type of vehicle is very popular in developed countries such as the US, Canada, and European countries. In developing countries, there has been a marked development because of the significant increase in people’s tastes and incomes.

It is also important to know that this type of high-rise vehicle is usually quite expensive. The motorcycle with the largest cylinder capacity and speed currently is the Dodge Tomahawk with a cylinder capacity of 8.7 liters, a power of 500 hp capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km / h in just 2, 3 seconds, and reaching a top speed of up to 560 km/h

Manual motorcycle: A variant of the female car with a scooter-like design, with a very low or no cover, and a wide carriage. Specializing in urban running with sleek, convenient, form-first, and engine-less priority. Shifting is done by hand (usually connected to the gearbox by cable), not by foot like other heat engine motorcycles, so the foot only needs to brake but no gear lever.

Scooter motorcycle: a special type of engine that uses a stepless gearbox, no need to change gears, just the throttle can be operated. Can consume thermal fuel or electricity.

Benefits of motorcycle riding

Compared to many other types of transportation, motorbikes also have many unexpected benefits that you may not know. How To Choose A Motorcycle Most Accurate will give you the unexpected benefits of riding a motorcycle.

1. Motorcycle is a suitable vehicle for emergencies

The ability to ride a motorbike is sometimes not only a hobby, but it also helps you in many cases. If in an emergency and you only have a motorbike as a means of transport, driving a motorbike right now is very necessary and extremely valuable.

You never know what situation you might be in because sometimes life will give us surprises. Knowing how to ride a motorbike is a good way to handle it in case you find yourself in an emergency. You will feel how precious it is when you can ride a motorbike to save your life or help others.

2. Long lifetime

It is very difficult to give an exact life span of a motorcycle because it completely depends on the driver and how to take care of it. However, there is no denying the service life of a motorcycle compared to a car. The proof is that there are motorcycles manufactured between the 1960s and 1980s, and most of them don’t need to be rebuilt.

If you give your motorcycle love and meticulous care, it will serve you in return for that love and care. The truth is that cars don’t last more than 20 years unless you regularly restore the engine and other complex parts of the car.

Whereas motorcycles are easy to take care of if you spend a few extra minutes a day on them. Maintaining a motorcycle for a long time is not too difficult. Just keep them away from the elements that cause scratches or dust by covering the motorcycle with a visor or storing it in the garage. Keeping them clean and not overusing them is a simple way to keep your car clean.

3. Riding a motorbike makes you a professional driver

Anyone who has ever ridden a motorcycle knows how to be vigilant to keep themselves from getting injured while on the road. You will be constantly on the lookout for potential dangers coming your way and you will always have to have a plan in mind in case the worst happens to you.

Several studies have shown that most people who ride motorbikes are better at driving cars than people who don’t ride motorbikes. Motorcyclists become more aware of motorcyclists on the road because they know how to stay in their lanes. They are more likely to check and redefine their blind spots even during a storm.

When riding a motorcycle, you should be a defensive driver because you are more susceptible to danger than when driving any other type of vehicle. The ability to react when encountering a problem of motorcyclists is also better than that of car riders. This is the next benefit of riding a motorcycle in How To Choose A Motorcycle Most Accurate.

4. Easy to get a driver’s license

If you do not have a motorbike license but are planning to get a motorbike license, do not worry because it is relatively simple. Each state, each country has different requirements for individuals to obtain a motorcycle license. You will need to learn the traffic rules and the rules of riding a motorcycle on the road.

After passing that theory test, you will be able to practice driving on different types of terrain. Depending on the area, there will be a different way of scoring and providing a motorbike license. When you have passed all the tests, it means you have qualified to get a motorbike license.

Some states require you to take a motorcycle safety course. If you complete the course, you may not have to take the driving test or you may receive a discount on the fees required to obtain a driver’s license.

5. As a means to bond relationships

Sometimes riding a motorbike is also a way to improve romantic relationships. Most of the romantic scenes in the movie use motorbikes, so it’s not too bad to choose motorbikes as a means of transportation in dating. More simply, some guys want to impress their girlfriends by riding their motorbikes to pick up their girlfriends.

They will be a cool guy with strong personalities. Especially when moving in complicated terrain or moving at high speed, the person sitting behind will have to hug you tightly. So use this as an excuse to get those attractive people to come with you. This is also interesting information that How To Choose A Motorcycle Most Accurate sends to you.

6. Motorcycles are easy to repair

One special thing that you may not know is that you can completely repair your motorbike by yourself in most cases. The obvious proof is that you can watch video tutorials on Youtube yourself to know how to fix the car’s errors. Motorcycles are not overly complicated machines they are very basic because they are created purposefully.

If the repair of a motorbike makes you confused, you can also bring the motorbike to the shop for repair. You only need a few basic tools to be able to maintain your motorbike yourself. You don’t have to be a professional rider to keep your motorcycle in good shape. The fact is that motorcycles are easy to repair, once you have a better understanding of how they work, you will also have a good understanding of how cars work.

7. Brake faster

There has been controversy about whether motorcycles can brake faster than cars. The fact is that an average motorcycle can brake faster than a normal car. Of course, there will still be exceptions for sports cars and heavy touring motorcycles.

You can see that a motorcycle can stop faster and more accurately than a car thanks to the principle of momentum. Of course, this all depends on the braking ability of the motorcyclist. Braking properly takes precision skill and more practice, especially if you need to stop suddenly.

Using the front brake versus the rear brake can make all the difference. Hitting the front brake can be dangerous for the driver, and stepping on the rear brake can lock up the tire and be ineffective when you’re trying to stop the vehicle. Using both brakes simultaneously with the right pressure will give you the best results to stop the car even faster than the car.

8. Easy to see the scenery while driving


When you’re riding a motorbike on the road, it’s fun to be able to see all the beautiful sights around you. When you ride a motorcycle, you not only see the scenery, you become part of the landscape. You can fully enjoy the scenery without pulling the window or glancing at it while sitting in the car. If you are a long-distance motorcycle rider for many hours in a row, stopping or driving while looking at the scenery can also bring you relaxation.

9. Easy to store or park your car

One of the biggest benefits of riding a motorbike is that parking or parking is quite simple. Compared to searching for a car park, parking a motorbike will save you a lot of time. Motorcycles are much easier to control than cars because they are smaller in size.

If you find yourself in a situation where one parking space is empty but the cars on either side of it overflow the line, it shouldn’t be a problem for you if you’re on a motorbike. This is also a benefit of riding a motorbike.

10. Move faster with motorbikes

If the weather is favorable, using a motorbike to get to some other places can get you there faster than if you drive a car. While motorcyclists need to follow the same laws as motorists, motorcyclists are exempt from some rules that can help you get around a little faster.

Several states have passed what is known as the “Red Dead” law or also known as the “Safe on Red” law. This law allows motorcyclists to run red lights. You can only do this legally if you come to a complete stop at a red light and notice that the light sensor doesn’t recognize your presence.

Once you’ve stopped and noticed that the lights won’t change anytime soon, you can proceed through a red light cautiously and without the hassle of running a red light. However, you need to find out carefully before using this law because each state will have different traffic rules.

Motorcycle safety

Each type of motorcycle has a technical structure, and operating characteristics with advantages and disadvantages, requiring users to understand the vehicle structure and master different operating skills.
The driver must know how to combine throttle, clutch, and gears smoothly.

Large displacement vehicles and scooters usually have a heavier weight than digital motorbikes, so the safest way to corner a corner is to lean over and take advantage of the balance of the body to turn (should not use the handlebars like a digital motorbike because heavy vehicle weight, easy to be thrown out of the vehicle).

With the sport bike line, due to its lighter weight, aerodynamic design, and traction tires, it can corner from 45-60 degrees (but you also need to remember that the safest speed is when entering. cornering in these vehicles is between 40-60 km/h).

On the contrary, clutch and large displacement vehicles (Cruisers) cannot perform cornering like a Sports car, the safest way to turn a corner is to take a wider steering wheel, the sharper the turn, the faster the vehicle speed must be. down (absolutely avoid cornering when the vehicle is running at high speed, try to keep the vehicle balanced, and do not shake the steering wheel).

The common point in safe driving of all motorcycles is to know the combination of front and rear brakes in each traffic situation and condition. When squeezing the right brake at the same time, gently press and release both the front and rear brakes, absolutely do not squeeze the brakes.

Alertness, focus, and observation are the most important factors for safe driving. When focusing and observing well, it must show in front of you, avoid glancing back and forth, but you should not keep your gaze fixed on one position for more than 2 seconds.

For example, in a situation where a motorbike turns left at a corner of a two-way street, the driver will have to focus on observing at least 10 points at the same time (from left to right): pedestrians crossing the street. crossing the road, cars in the opposite direction, motorcyclists in the same direction ahead, cars on the right signaling a left turn, pets or children walking on the sidewalk, traffic lights, traffic signs, pictures above 2 left and right mirrors…

When driving at night, the driver has to concentrate even more due to limited visibility. At this time, the risk is high, because of factors such as headlights are not enough to illuminate the obstacles ahead, the driver being blinded in the opposite direction, and other vehicles cannot see you from afar…

Therefore, Do everything you can to make other cars see you, such as: wearing light-colored clothing, using your horn when out of sight, not following the car, or moving at the same speed as other vehicles in their “blind” spots.

Before changing direction, you must turn on the turn signal, look at 2 mirrors, and glance to control the “blind” point of the mirror. In addition, it is necessary to keep a distance from trucks carrying materials or goods that are not properly tied, because they can fall right in front of your vehicle.

Do not try to pass other vehicles when you have not ensured the safety factors. When trying to overtake, you must determine that the vehicle behind you does not intend to pass your vehicle or is passing your vehicle to avoid the danger of passing parallel vehicles.

In particular, do not intentionally overtake when the vehicle in front has not given a signal to pass. Before, during, and after overtaking, pay attention to keeping a safe distance from the vehicle being overtaken.

Choosing the right motorcycle



Sportbikes are one of many motorcycle models that people think about when choosing motorcycles. Sports motorcycles often focus on performance, acceleration, cornering, and braking. They are as light and strong as possible, but often not as comfortable as other motorcycles. This vehicle is suitable for those who love a strong style and need to move at high speed.

Standard Or Naked Motorcycles

Standard Or Naked Motorcycles

A car by many modern standards is also known as a naked motorcycle. This car offers almost all the performance of an all-around sports car but has a more comfortable riding position and a bit more overall utility. This is a rapidly growing segment that shows a lot of promise in the electric motorcycle segment on the market today. This is the next information in How To Choose A Motorcycle Most Accurate.

Dual Sport Motorcycles

Dual Sport Motorcycles

Dual sport motorcycles are street-legal and are capable of highway and city travel. This car can also overcome complex off-road roads if you want to have an adventurous trip on the outskirts of the city. If you want a sportier dual sport bike, look for a supermoto, a dual sport bike with 17-inch wheels and street tires.

Cruiser Motorcycles

Cruiser Motorcycles

Derived from the styling themes posed by Harley-Davidson, most cruiser motorcycles are low, long, and unattractive. Their main advantage is the low saddle height along with certain structural differences. Harley-Davidson may be the brand that started the cruiser style. However, other famous manufacturers including some Italian ones have created their style based on this motorcycle.

Touring And Sport Touring Motorcycles

Touring And Sport Touring Motorcycles

Today’s touring and sport-touring motorcycles are designed for long-distance running and are full of features. In addition to inclement weather protection, waterproof luggage and other amenities like heated handles, a stereo, and a comfortable saddle. True to its name, a sports touring motorcycle built for riders who want to experience a bit of comfort to be able to tilt the bike when moving.

Adventure Motorcycles

Adventure Motorcycles

Another type of motorcycle that is growing rapidly is known as the adventure motorcycle or ADV motorcycle. These motorcycles are modeled after the long-popular BMW R-GS motorcycles. Big street machines are also capable of traversing complex terrain.



Often for those who only move to the city, there is nothing handier than a scooter. Larger scooters are suitable for riders of larger sizes, have lockable luggage space, and have the best gas mileage.

Retro Motorcycles

Retro Motorcycles

With styling reminiscent of the origins of motorcycles combined with modern technology such as anti-lock braking systems and automatic fuel injection. Today’s classic motorcycles are both mechanically simple and completely reliable to use on the go.

Frequently asked questions about Motorcycle

Why are there separate controls for the front and rear brakes?

This is the rest before it becomes simpler to build motorcycles with separate controls for the front and rear brakes. But being able to control the front and rear separately can be an advantage, especially when the motorcycle is short in length and the weight changes so markedly. Some motorcycles are mainly touring models with linked brakes but that is not standard.

Why are motorcycle headlights always on?

Many US states require the use of headlights during the day for road safety reasons. Always keep the headlights on to increase the visibility of the motorcycle.

Hopefully, the article How To Choose A Motorcycle Most Accurate will provide you with useful information.