How To Check A Motorcycle Vin Number Exactly

How To Check A Motorcycle Vin Number Exactly

Motorcycles are an essential means of transport for people’s daily travel needs. However, not everyone has the economic conditions to buy a new motorbike, so it is reasonable to choose an old motorbike. The article How To Check A Motorcycle Vin Number Exactly will help you find out how to read the VIN number of a motorcycle most accurately.

What is a motorbike VIN?

Motorcycle chassis number often called VIN (abbreviation of Vehicle Identification Number) is a series of serial numbers consisting of characters from A to Z and numbers from 0 to 9.

Thus the chassis number on a motorcycle will include a total of up to 17 characters (no I, O, or Q characters because it’s easy to confuse with numbers). The chassis number is written without space, and special characters are engraved, chiseled on the car,, and difficult to erase.


Like the labels on products, the motorcycle in number, also known as the motorcycle chassis number, consists of a series of serial numbers and characters that are punched on the chassis before being shipped to the consumer.
This sequence of chassis numbers is used for many different purposes, but in general, is also a way to identify the vehicle.
Meaning for authorities: determine the origin and origin of products, and review legal procedures.
Meaning for the manufacturer: compare the parts, and determine the model year and year of manufacture.
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How to read a motorbike VIN number

Usually, we will read from left to right. Each letter will have a different meaning:
First digit: country of manufacture (e.g USA is 1, 4, or 5; Canada is 2; Mexico is 3; Japan is J; Korea is K; UK is S; Germany is W; Sweden and Finland is Y)
2nd digit: manufacturer (eg: A is Audi; B is BMW; G is General Motor; L is Lincoln; N is Nissan), in some cases reading these letters alone, does not represent the manufacturer. The 3rd digit, however, will help clear this up.
3rd digit: combined with the first two digits, we will identify the vehicle or production part (for example 1G6 is a Cadillac family car; 1G1 is a Chevrolet family car; 1GC is a Chevrolet truck)
From the 4th to the 8th digit: information about the car model, body type, damping system, gearbox type, and engine code.
The 9th digit: is used to check and detect invalid VIN codes (according to the standards of the US Department of Transportation)
The 10th digit: the year the car was built
11th digit: the car assembly plant
Digits 12 to 17: vehicle production line, production stages.
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How to see motorbike VIN number

After understanding the concept of motorcycle chassis number, your question must be how to see where the motorcycle chassis number or VIN is located. Usually, the number of motorcycle frames will be found in the chassis part, specifically the trunk, the neck, the middle of the car’s neck, or the saddle, depending on the brand and the different models.


To see the motorcycle chassis number, you can use decals and a pencil to “scratch” the numbers because often these numbers will be blurred throughout use.

How to check motorcycle VIN number

After determining your motorcycle chassis number, besides verifying vehicle documents, you can go to online sites such as these. vn, or directly download the company’s lookup application to check Check if the frame number is correct.

If you find that the frame number has been re-punched, you should proceed with the procedure to apply for the frame number again. This is the next information in How To Check A Motorcycle Vin Number Exactly.

Risks of VIN number when buying used motorbikes

Checking the engine number plate number when buying a used car is a step that most buyers are afraid to do because the number lines are long and located in hard-to-see areas.

Just looking at the wrong character or number is enough to bring a lot of trouble in the process of buying and selling and transferring names to users. Therefore, it is very important to check and determine the chassis number of the engine before deciding to buy a used motorbike.


The reason is to avoid encountering vehicles of unknown origin such as stolen cars, overdue mortgaged cars, undocumented vehicles, etc. The main purpose is to bypass the eyes of the authorities.

After the inspection is complete, the next step is to go to the chassis number, and engine number and then attach it to the vehicle registration declaration when doing legal paperwork.

A legal car is based on the correct engine number and chassis number on the vehicle’s paperwork. Signs such as number tower and erasing, blurred numbers, unknown numbers, and numbers are not straight, then the vehicle is not legal.

What happens if the authorities detect a fake motorcycle chassis number?

If you do not detect it early and in time before the authorities discover it, your car will be immediately confiscated for investigation. Failure to prove the origin of the vehicle, such as a stolen vehicle, or signs of a crime, will be handled according to criminal procedures. This is also important information in How To Check A Motorcycle Vin Number Exactly.

Hopefully, the article How To Check A Motorcycle Vin Number Exactly will provide you with useful information.

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