How To Accelerate Motorcycle With 7 Interesting Tips

How To Accelerate Motorcycle With 7 Interesting Tips

For motorbike users, after a while they often feel that their vehicle becomes much weaker, accelerates slowly, and it is difficult for the vehicle to reach its original maximum speed. However, do not worry too much because the article How To Accelerate Motorcycle With 7 Interesting Tips will help you figure out how to fix it.

Replace Spark Plug

In motorcycle engines, spark plugs play the role of providing arc rays to ignite the air and fuel mixture at high pressure, they often have to work in extreme temperature conditions that can reach up to 2,500 ºC. Therefore, after a period of use, the phenomenon of carbon black on the spark plugs, worn poles, or cracked ceramic heads will begin to occur.

Replace Spark Plug

This is the reason for poor ignition, difficulty to start the engine or not completely igniting the fuel, making the engine power weaker, and fuel consumption. To solve this problem, we can replace spark plugs with higher durability, better fuel-burning ability, and better melting temperature. On the market today, there are several spark plugs made from high-quality materials that car owners can choose from, such as Platinum or Iridium.

Denso Iridium spark plugs have extremely good ignition ability due to the extremely small spark plug (0.4mm compared to 2mm of normal spark plugs) to help ignite fuel thoroughly, increase engine power, accelerate fast, and be powerful and suitable for all traffic conditions in the city center or suburban. This is the first method in How To Accelerate Motorcycle With 7 Interesting Tips.

Change the Air Filter (E exhaust)

The air filter has the function of filtering the air before it passes through the throttle body. The air is then mixed with the fuel to form a mixture in the combustion chamber and is ignited to produce power. For original cars, the car’s air filter is usually a paper filter, so the amount of air entering is just enough according to the manufacturer’s calculations, easily damaged.

After some time, the dust and dirt that will stick to the air circulation will be greatly obstructed. K&N cylinder air filter helps to maximize the amount of air intake into the engine, helping to improve the vehicle’s speed. In addition, the K&N cylindrical air filter can be easily removed for cleaning and reused many times.

Replace IC (Ecu)

On motorcycles, the engine is considered the center, the ECU is the brain that controls all electronic activities by receiving data from sensors. The ECU controls everything related to engine performance such as temperature, engine rpm, fuel injection and ignition timing, gas-air ratio adjustment, emissions sensors, and throttle sensors.

However, the original ECU according to the vehicle has been coded and limited by the manufacturer, so it cannot interfere with the above adjustments. So if we want to do this, we need to replace it with a custom ECU. With the new central control unit, users can completely align in-depth interventions on gasoline fire, fuel injection flow, etc.


In addition, the rev limit is also opened to help the maximum speed and acceleration of the vehicle. car increases. ECU-IC opens the Redler rewinder for easy alignment & supports rewinding to make the engine more powerful. It is possible to deeply intervene in the system by computer to align such as RPM, TPS, gasoline, wind, and fire…

Use does not adversely affect the vehicle engine. Can be used for a wide range of vehicles. Assembly is as easy as zin with no additional design required. This is the next information in How To Accelerate Motorcycle With 7 Interesting Tips.

Change the barrel

The motorcycle’s barrel is a sealed chamber with a definite volume, called the cylinder capacity or cubic centimeters of the vehicle. This is where the combustion reaction of the gas (gasoline + air) occurs to convert the chemical energy of gasoline into mechanical energy so that the car can run.

The structure of the motorcycle engine consists of cylinders, pistons, and rings, and the top cover of the steam is a distribution structure with 2 intake and exhaust valves and 2 cuppa trees. Over time working under great pressure and high temperature (sometimes up to about 2000 degrees Celsius), these parts will wear out and degrade, making the car accelerate slowly.

You can replace the degraded zin barrel head with glass from the high-quality Light brand with a variety of products such as Light 57,62,65 lenses.

Choose quality tires for motorcycles

For each road condition, it is necessary to choose the right tire to increase riding efficiency. As a part directly in contact with the ground, the quality of the tire directly affects the operation of the vehicle. Just like wearing a pair of spiked shoes will help you run faster and safer in every track and field competition.


A set of quality tires will help the car have a good grip on the road surface, increasing the speed of the motorcycle. Sometimes, the tires that come with the car are often not as good as if you equip the car with a pair of outer tires, with quality and suitable for your requirements. This is the next information in How To Accelerate Motorcycle With 7 Interesting Tips.

Upgrade brake lines and brake pads

Semi-needle brake pads will be an indispensable accessory if riding at high speed. Braking directly affects fast stopping as well as fast throttle. However, it is a fact that most motorcycles today still use rubber brake lines and brake pads have a quality material that is easily worn.

You should replace the brake pads with sintered brake pads, semi-metallic brake pads, or combined brakes to increase stopping ability. Besides, the ability of the motorcycle to increase safety and the increased ability to move at a high speed of the motorbike.

Change sprocket to change gear ratio

Vehicle speed depends a lot on the sprocket system of the vehicle. The gear ratio of the sprocket system directly affects the ability to accelerate or reach the maximum speed. One of the ways to achieve optimal speed is to change the number of teeth on the sprocket, specifically:

– If you want to reduce the speed of the vehicle, you can simultaneously reduce the number of teeth on the front sprocket and increase the number of teeth on the rear sprocket.

– If you want and to increase the maximum speed of the car, you increase the number of front sprockets, reduce the number of rear sprockets.

In addition, the quality of the sprocket also needs to meet the standards, to avoid the phenomenon of wear and old on the chain. You need to regularly lubricate the chain sprocket to ensure they are always in the best use. This is the next information in How To Accelerate Motorcycle With 7 Interesting Tips.

Hopefully, the article How To Accelerate Motorcycle With 7 Interesting Tips will provide useful information for you.