Schuberth C3 Pro – The Best Motorbike Helmet For Touring

Schuberth C3 Pro - The Best Motorbike Helmet For Touring

The Best Motorbike Helmet For Touring. This article defines touring helmets, what to look for when purchasing one, a variety of tips, and a selection of the ten best helmets on the market today, complete with features, pros, cons, and our three winners.

What is The Best Motorbike Helmet For Touring?

What is The Best Motorbike Helmet For Touring?
What is The Best Motorbike Helmet For Touring?

Motorcycle touring is a type of motorcycle travel that focuses on on-road riding. Touring bikes are more likely to combine long-distance comfort with the ability to pedal hard and fast enough to enjoy carving up asphalt.

As such, unlike adventure bike helmets, which must also focus on off-road riding with wider visors, extra large vents, peaks, and so on, touring helmets must only focus on being good for road riding. However, they must also have a diverse set of features to handle anything a long motorcycle tour may throw at them.

There are no hard and fast guidelines about which helmet you should be using on your bike trips; instead, there are suggestions and helmet designs that work well for certain types of trips. It all comes down to what you enjoy and are comfortable with, what is within your price range, and what fits the best. And most notably, picking a helmet that’s safe as well as conforms to safety and regulation standards.

What characteristics distinguish the Best Motorbike Helmet For Touring?

Here are some things to consider when selecting a touring helmet:


Your helmet, like any other piece of biking gear you’ll wear on a long motorcycle tour, should have an outstanding ventilation system. In hot weather, good ventilation will maintain your head cool, and in wet or cold weather, it will help maintain your visor fog-free.

It’s also worth looking for a pin-lock-ready helmet. This additional shield that clips within your visor will keep it from steaming up and is essential for people who ride all year.

Simpleness of use

You’ll be wearing a motorcycle helmet for many hours each day, so it should be simple to use. Great vents are great, but only if they are easy to open. The same is true for the visor. Check that these components can be operated with a rubber glove. If you are unable to visit a helmet shop, you must order one of these and try it on at home.


Some helmets are purpose-built, such as those clearly designed for track use. A good touring helmet should provide you with several options. These options also include the possibility of carrying Bluetooth speakers or even a Bluetooth device, such as with a removable collar or cutouts inside the helmet for headphone inserts.

A drop-down sun visor is also a huge plus for a touring helmet, as are removable cheek pads for drying, allowing you to wash and dry them after a looooong day of riding.


While all of the above are excellent extra features, keep in mind that the best helmet is always the one that fits your head perfectly.

Inside the helmet, you shouldn’t be able to move your head too much, and there shouldn’t be any pressure points or pain. You can buy the most expensive helmet on the market, but if it doesn’t fit your head properly, it won’t work correctly in the event of a crash.

Schuberth C3 Pro – The Best Motorbike Helmet For Touring 

Schuberth C3 Pro - The Best Motorbike Helmet For Touring 
Schuberth C3 Pro – The Best Motorbike Helmet For Touring

For two years, I wore the Schuberth C3 Pro as my daily helmet, logging at least 400 miles per week on my commute.

What I liked best about it was how quiet it is during high speeds, its all-day riding comfort, and how simple it is to flip up and close the modular helmet. Schuberth has put in a lot of time and effort to make everything run smoothly. The vents are simple to use, and the sun visor slides down and up smoothly and easily.

After a 150-mile continuous ride, the padding is plush and comfortable, and there are no aches as well as pressure points with this helmet.

The Schuberth SRC communication system is particularly appealing to me. It takes the place of the standard collar but also enables me to make and receive phone calls, listen to the radio, and use Spotify. The controls are simple to use, and the battery lasts around a week. It also works great for navigation, and when I’m on the phone at 70mph, the person I’m speaking to has no idea I’m riding because the voice clarity is so good.


The Schuberth C3 Pro is a flip-front modular touring helmet. It has a washable as well as removable plush liner, a micro-lock fastener, a built-in anti-fog insert, and a five-year warranty.

The flip-front is easily raised by pushing a huge tab under the chin bar. It is stable while riding and features a smooth closure.

The helmet also includes an internal sun visor that can be flipped down.

It’s also antenna prepared for the Schuberth Bluetooth Communication system; simply swap out the collar, which takes about a minute.

Schuberth also offers the E1, an adventure edition of the C3 Pro. It’s the same helmet as before, but with a new chin-bar, detachable peak, inner liner, and additional vents.


The Schuberth C3 Pro is a high-quality flip-front touring helmet as the Best Motorbike Helmet For Touring. It performs admirably, has stylish finishing touches, and is comfortable to wear all day.