Shoei Syncrotec Police – The Best Japanese Motorbike Helmet In 2023

Shoei Syncrotec Police - The Best Japanese Motorbike Helmet In 2023

The Best Japanese Motorbike Helmet In 2023. The Shoei Syncrotec Police Motor Officer motorbike helmet is being reviewed.

It’s the same Syncrotec that you and I can get from any approved Shoei retailer. However, this helmet comes with an intriguing option: the M5 Switchblade Power System.

The M5 Switchblade is priced at $69.00 (excluding the helmet, of course!).

However, the system is capable of powering devices like rider-to-rider communications, Bluetooth short-range communications devices,  powered fan-defogging units, heads-up displays, helmet cooling fans, and others.

Shoei Syncrotec Police Motorcycle – The Best Japanese Motorbike Helmet In 2023

Shoei Syncrotec Police Motorcycle
Shoei Syncrotec Police Motorcycle

A flip-up helmet, such as the Shoei Syncrotec (Japanese Motorbike Helmet), is an ideal application for the LED light energized by the M5 Switchblade system, as the light can be set to turn on automatically when the visor is lifted.

The Syncrotec has been on the market for a few years; rumors suggested that it would be revised in 2005, but this appears to have been postponed.

The Syncrotec has been in the Shoei lineup for many years and is still one of the most famous flip-up helmets on the market.

It doesn’t have any distinguishing features that set it apart from the crowd, but it’s a solid, well-made, and serviceable helmet supported by the Shoei reputation.

As far as we know, the Syncrotec Police motorcycle helmet version demonstrated here is the only flip-up sold for Police use, which is a great suggestion because Police motorcycle helmets take a beating.

Some police departments will provide their motor officers with two helmets: a “shorty” such as the Shoei RJ-ST LE or a half-helmet like the Shoei RJ-Air, as well as a Syncrotec for use in inclement weather.

The Shoei and HJC Police motorcycle helmets, including the Syncrotec, are available in white, black, or a black/white color combination.

We haven’t tried a non-Police edition of the Syncrotec, so we can’t say whether or not the M5 Switchblade system affects the inner head shape of the helmet.

The modified helmets’ ear cups are filled with a stiffer form of padding which also residences the M5 Switchblade power system.

We don’t understand how different the fit would be if we tried a regular Syncrotec. The Syncrotec, on the other hand, provides basic airflow through its smallish chin as well as brow vents.

The flip-up visor is operated by a single button latch located beneath and in the center of the chin bar. When particularly in comparison to most other flip-ups, the button works backward; that is, it must be pressed towards the rider’s face to open.

The rider’s thumb is typically used to hook the button as well as pull the visor forward.

Helmet Dimensions

Japanese Motorbike Helmet review: Our XL Syncrotec with the M5 Switchblade power system weighs 3 pounds, 13 ounces (1731 grams), making it lighter than the Vega Summit XPV (review), KBC FFR (review), or SCHUBERTH C2 (review) flip-up helmets, and even lighter than a couple of full-face helmets we’ve tested.

Helmet Noise

The Syncrotec doesn’t break any new ground in this regard, but the tightness of the helmet thanks to the M5 Switchblade system appears to help maintain apparent noise levels lower than they would otherwise be.

Because of the oval inner shape of the helmet, the neck roll is tighter than in some other helmets, which is useful for noise reduction.

The most annoying “booming” noises are usually caused by turbulence caused by “dirty” air coming off the motorcycle windscreen, and all these noises are often heard from up under the helmet, particularly if the neck roll does not fit snugly.

The Chin Strap

The Chin Strap
The Chin Strap

In our opinion, Syncrotec utilizes a standard D-ring attachment system, which is the most straightforward and efficient type of motorcycle helmet attachment method.

The loose end of the helmet strap has the standard Shoei plastic snap that connects to the crossbar on one of the D-rings and keeps the strap from flapping in the breeze. The padding on the helmet is two narrow and small lengths to protect the rider’s neck from chafing.

LED Lighting

The Shoei Syncrotec M5 Switchblade, LED-equipped Police motorbike helmet features a single LED engrained in the upper right-hand corner of the cheek pad.

The light in our helmet emits a nice, round pattern that can be used for a variety of tasks.

A single LED produces a surprising amount of light, and while it’s not a replacement for something such as the Gerber Reactor LED flashlight, it’s powerful enough to read a driver’s license during a stop.

It’s also suitable for wrapping a tank bag, filling out paperwork, or performing roadside maintenance.


The M5 Switchblade is one of the best Japanese Motorbike Helmet In 2023. It is an electric grid is one of those “why didn’t I think of that?” ideas that could lead to a slew of new motorcycle helmet products.

A.C.S.A.S. Technology Corporation, the developers as well as manufacturers of the M5 Switchblade system, informed us that they are presently operating on a seamless helmet-to-helmet communication system “which is a generation beyond Bluetooth”.