What Is The Best Motorbike Helmet To Buy? Scorpion EXO-AT950 For Sure

What Is The Best Motorbike Helmet To Buy? Scorpion EXO-AT950 For Sure

What Is The Best Motorbike Helmet To Buy? For 2016, the Scorpion EXO-AT950 is just a brand-new dual-sport flip-up. It’s based on the outstanding Scorpion EXO-GT920 flip-up that we recently reviewed.

The dual-sport version of the flip-up helmet is new, and whether or not you need one is debatable. What Is The Best Motorbike Helmet To Buy? But if you do, the Scorpion AT950 is the best option. You’ll get everything the big boys do, but at a third of the price.

What Is The Best Motorbike Helmet To Buy? Scorpion EXO-AT950

So, here is the answer to ” What Is The Best Motorbike Helmet To Buy?” – EXO-AT950 Helmet

Paint, Graphics, and Overall Quality

Paint, Graphics, and Overall Quality
Paint, Graphics, and Overall Quality

The Scorpion AT950 is essentially a boosted Scorpion GT920 (review).

Consider the SCHUBERTH E1, a C3 Pro with a peak.

The shell, interior, and top as well as rear vents of the AT950 and GT920 are identical.

The rotating flip-up visor with an off-road helmet “beak” and peak is the only thing that distinguishes the AT950.

When a helmet comes from a great gene pool, you’re usually in good shape, and that’s exactly what happened here. The GT920 is a fantastic flip-up for only $209.95, and the AT950 is no different.

The AT950 is available in black, anthracite, or the silver shown in this, with a black/yellow, black/red, or black/silver mild stripe “Neocon” graphic for an additional $20.

Is there no white? No red? Is it orange, yellow, or blue? Oh well… Stick to solid silver; you’ll save enough for two tanks of gas.

The silver version is appealing because the color complements the AT950’s modern and still angular yet curvy lines.

In fact, the AT950 is for all of you webBikeWorld readers who have complained about modern helmets searching too yogurt cup-ish. If you don’t remove the peak, you’ll only see the small Scorpion “S” under the peak.

The rest of the helmet is solid silver — not Shoei, Arai, or SCHUBERTH quality, but excellent nonetheless, with a surface finish as well as overall fit-and-finish that exceeds the helmet’s low list price.

The liner does have a better overall construction fit than all those very expensive DS FUs we’ve reviewed, and the rest of the moving parts feel solid.

The liner is of the “KwikWick II” variety, which is anti-microbial, removable, and washable. And quite comfortable.

The AT950’s rotating flip-up visor locks solidly, and when it does, the helmet feels remarkably more sturdy than we did expect. When raised to the maximum, the rotating flip-up visor has a nice, strong detent. Just don’t ride with it…

Overall, the AT950 is similar to the GT920 in that both feel solid and lack the typical “cheap” flip-up helmet creaking as well as groaning noises so when rotating the flip-up visor is closed or opened.

Internal Shape and Helmet Fit

The internal shape of the AT950 appears to be slightly different from that of the GT920, conceivably due to the different “face” with the DS-style rotating flip-up visor. The GT920 is just slightly narrower than “Neutral” on top, however with tight cheek pads, it’s “Narrow” on the bottom half.

The AT950 feels close enough to a “Neutral” to “Slightly Narrow” in webBikeWorld terms.

However, the AT950 fits about 1/2 size small, at least in size large. Scorpion claims that the L should fit a 59-60 cm head, but it’s closer to the low end of this range, so anyone taller than 59.6 cm should consider the XL.

I wish we had ordered the XL since this size L is too small for both of us, and other owners I’ve spoken with agree.

The GT920 and AT950 share the same shell, which is available in three shell sizes to accommodate a wide range of head sizes, though the head size range on both is wider than usual for a flip-up, ranging from a tiny XS to a massive 3XL.

Eye Port and Visibility

Eye Port and Visibility
Eye Port and Visibility

Except for a portion of the “beak” in the lower center of the rider’s view, the AT950 has excellent visibility, as well as at the lower 4 and 8 o’clock positions.

This is one of the benefits of wearing this form of helmet, and the increased visibility provided by the eye port is a safety feature.

Sound Levels

The AT950 is pretty calm and quieter than most flip-ups, which, due to their design, tend to transmit so much noise than full-face helmets.

The ample padding and snug fit along the sides definitely help in this regard. The AT950 includes a chin curtain, which aids in reducing noise from underneath.
Installation of speakers and intercoms. Most intercom helmet clamps will fit thanks to the thin bottom gasket, and the AT950 has built-in shaped pockets for speakers in the EPS. The helmet has a molded shape along the side that may interact with some intercom mounting systems.


The weight of this AT950 in size large is 1815 grams. This helmet is relatively heavy in comparison to other helmets we’ve reviewed, and we were amazed to find out how much it weighed because it doesn’t feel heavy as well as top-heavy when riding.


So, What Is The Best Motorbike Helmet To Buy? The Scorpion AT950 is an excellent value at $269.95. It comes in three shell sizes, which rivals the offerings of other dual-sport flip-up helmet manufacturers. And it has a solid feel to it, with almost no flexing or creaking/squeaking noises like other low- to mid-priced flip-ups.