HJC i100 – The Best Motorbike Helmet For Commuting

HJC i100 - The Best Motorbike Helmet For Commuting

The Best Motorbike Helmet For Commuting. If you’re going to ride your bike as well as your scooter to work every day, you’ll need a helmet that works well in all weather conditions. But it also means that your helmet shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg because it’ll be stuffed under the desk or under the seat at work.

You’ll find reviews of The Best Motorbike Helmet For Commuting that is suitable for your regular commute below.

The Best Motorbike Helmet For Commuting – HJC i100

The Best Motorbike Helmet For Commuting - HJC i100
The Best Motorbike Helmet For Commuting – HJC i100

HJC’s first initiative at a flip-over modular helmet is the i100. Modular motorcycle helmet HJC i100 View from the side in beige, grey, and yellow.

HJC has chosen to create a modular helmet in which the chin bar flips right over to the back of the helmet to keep the chin guard right out of the airflow as well as give the rider a proper feeling of open-face helmet riding, similar to a number of Shark helmets and even a couple of LS2’s.

At the same time, it’s the world’s first flip-over helmet to be ECE 22.06 certified – the more stringent replacement for the old 22.05 helmet test. That means it should, in theory, provide adequate protection.

The i100 is a polycarbonate-shelled helmet that is also reasonably priced. But is it any good, and is it worthwhile to purchase one of these over the competition?

  • Flip-over polycarbonate helmet
  • Designed for all-purpose use
  • ECE 22.06 certification
  • Antifog pin-lock included
  • Sun visor that drops down
  • Micrometric fastener with two homologations
  • Weight approximately 1.9Kg/4.2lbs (heavy)
  • Bluetooth headset compatibility (unit extra)
  • Sizes range from XS to XXL.
  • You should budget around £250.

Graphics and appearance

This Best Motorbike Helmet For Commuting is a stylish modular helmet with a flip-over chin bar that keeps you balanced on the road whether it be in full or open-face mode.

At the time of writing, the i100 was only available in a few different colors and designs in the UK and Europe

There is gloss (metal) black but also matt black plain helmets, as well as semi-flat (matt) titanium as well as mid grey,  gloss (pearl) white, and chrome-like hyper silver.



There are a couple of major points to make about the safety of this Best Motorbike Helmet For Commuting.

The first is the ECE 22.06 certification. It is a current test standard in Europe that includes additional and randomized test points as well as a faster drop test speed. It also includes testing with and without factory extras, such as Bluetooth headsets.

So, the fact that the i100 has passed ECE 22.06 should give you a bit more confidence that it will do the job if you ever put it to the test on the road.

Likewise, the chin bar. Because it’s a flip-over chin bar that flips right over to the back of the helmet, it naturally follows that it’ll have less chance of interfering with the helmet’s performance in an accident – such as digging in and rotating the helmet, which can be a very bad thing indeed.

There is no actual test data that I am aware of that shows flip-over chin bars reduce secondary injuries when compared to flip-up helmets; however, having that chin bar tucked fairly flush to the helmet shell and around the back feels like it ought to help.

In any case, the helmet has already been dual homologated, which means it has been tested as well as approved for use in both setups – with the chin bar locked in place around the back as well as at the front.

Aside from that, there is little actual test data for the HJC i100. The recent time SHARP tested HJC modular received an average of 3.5 stars out of 5, with chin bars remaining locked in a location in 92% of tests – we’d expect the i100 to receive a similar rating.

Aside from that, the i100 appears to be a pretty typical modular helmet in terms of protection, and it lacks a few features that you might prefer, such as MIPS, EQRS, or a large visor aperture.

It does include a Pinlock antifog visor as well as a Pinlock 70  insert in the box, which is always nice to see and a must if you’re a regular rider in the UK. There’s also a sun visor to reduce glare.

A micrometric fastener secures the i100 to your head; they’re simple to utilize and ensure as long as you maintain it properly adjusted.

Overall, with its ECE 22.06 certification, the HJC i100 appears to provide an excellent level of protection, though we won’t know for sure until it’s independently tested by SHARP.


We found a wide range of views on the noise levels inside the i100s, ranging from very loud at speeds over 30mph to not at all.

It just goes to show how arbitrary helmet noise levels can be. If you ride slowly behind a screen and you’re deaf as a post, most helmets will be pretty quiet – if you ride like just a hooligan on naked in an open-face helmet, you’ll think any full face is whisper quiet.

As a result, it’s difficult to predict how you’ll react to this helmet for noise reduction if you purchase one. To summarize, modular helmets are typically noisier than full-face helmets, and HJC includes a chin curtain all around the bottom of the chin bar just on i100 to prevent some of the noise from getting into the helmet from below.

But that won’t help much if the helmet wasn’t developed to be quiet in the initial place.

Consider it to be middling in terms of helmet noise, and you’ll need to wear some high-quality earplugs to maintain things tolerable and protect your hearing. If you do that, everything should be fine.

The bottom line

The HJC i100 flip-over modular helmet is a good buy as The Best Motorbike Helmet For Commuting. It’s ECE 2.06 certified, has a good sun visor, a Pinlock antifog insert in the box, and is a comfortable and well-designed helmet. And, of course, it has that flip-right-over chin bar that seems to be one of the main reasons people buy one. The main disadvantage is that it is quite heavy at 1.9 kg. Aside from that, it appears to work well, and owners appear to enjoy theirs.