Motorcycle Touring Tips And Tricks For You

Motorcycle Touring Tips And Tricks For You

After stressful working days, choosing to explore long roads by motorbike is also not a bad idea. Motorcycle Touring Tips And Tricks For You will give you the tips and tricks you need when traveling by motorbike.

Learn about the road

The first thing in Motorcycle Touring Tips And Tricks For You, you need to find out carefully about the road you are about to go. Using Google maps to check, measure distances and refer to some people who have gone before is a good idea.

This helps you to know the route of bad roads to prepare more carefully for the journey. For example, it is advisable to avoid a place where there is a construction section, which is very bad and the amount of traffic is too crowded.

Vehicle inspection and maintenance


Before you go, you should take your motorbike to check the tires, chains, and bearings and change the oil. If any part has problems or just shows signs of malfunction, you need to replace it immediately. Experience shows that when traveling by motorbike, being stuck in the middle of the road with a broken car is the worst thing. That’s the next note in Motorcycle Touring Tips And Tricks For You.

Prepare personal belongings

Calculating travel dates to bring reasonable clothes is also important. For example, a pair of pants can be worn for 2 days, and a shirt can be worn every day. Note that the clothes must be comfortable, a little loose, and durable. Backpacks should be large enough to hold many items. When traveling on a motorbike, you should choose clothes that are easy to wear and comfortable.


The list of food you need includes a little cake and a drink. Every time you stop to rest, you should eat and drink to keep your strength and ensure you are always in the best state and most alert. This is the next note in Motorcycle Touring Tips And Tricks For You.

Eating and drinking: Depends on the mode of travel and location of each person. If you go just to see the roads, eating also becomes simpler.



Gasoline: The budget depends on the spending level of each person. For motorbikes, you can calculate how many kilometers a liter of gasoline can run and subtract the loss to prepare money. For example, if a car runs 40 km and eats a liter of gasoline, the deduction will be 30-35km/liter.

Mentally prepare

This is also considered important. You should anticipate all the worst-case scenarios such as car breakdown, rain, running out of gas, or other problems. Prepare well for this problem, when unfortunate bad situations happen, you are still calm and mentally strong enough to overcome. In case they happen for real, take it as an experience, a lesson, and don’t hold a too negative view.

Driving on the road

Note that you should run at the allowed speed. When passing a truck, if the road does not have a dedicated lane for motorbikes, you will have to turn to the left and turn on the turn signal, honking the horn to ask for a pass. That’s the next note in Motorcycle Touring Tips And Tricks For You.


Because traveling by motorbike, you can easily stop to take pictures and admire the scenery. Therefore, calculating the right time is extremely important if you do not want to have to drive alone in the dark.

Tips for traveling by motorbike in Europe


If you are planning to travel by motorbike abroad, you need to know that some countries require you to bring some legal items. So always make sure you’ve thoroughly checked what you need to bring with you before you set off. Please refer to the tips in Motorcycle Touring Tips And Tricks For You to help you have more equipment when traveling in Europe by motorbike.

Motorcycle Insurance

Talk to your current insurance provider to make sure you are fully insured to travel within the EU. Remember, all Bennetts policies come with standard European Union 90-day coverage. That’s the next note in Motorcycle Touring Tips And Tricks For You.


Make sure you always carry your passport with you when you travel. This is not only useful when you return to the country, but it is also required to register at many tourist sites on the continent. It is also useful if you cross several borders during your trip.

Vehicle registration documents

All EU countries require you to carry the original vehicle documents with you during your trip as proof that the vehicle is registered. In France, the police can arrest you if you cannot prove ownership of your motorbike.

Model EHIC

The European Health Insurance Card is available at most Post Offices and is useful if you are unfortunately ill abroad and need treatment. That’s the next note in Motorcycle Touring Tips And Tricks For You.

UK Stickers

You won’t need a UK sticker if your motorcycle license plate already has a ‘United Kingdom’ identification number and the Union flag on it. However, if your license plate says ‘GB’ with the Union flag, Euro symbol, England, Scotland, or Wales flag, or no flag at all, then you will need to have a clear UK sticker on the side. behind the motorcycle.

Mobile phone

If you plan to carry a cell phone, check with your carrier to make sure calls abroad can be made. Always check what the charges will be for the country you plan to travel to so you don’t be surprised when you return home with your bill.

Traveling by motorbike often gives you a lot of time and is quite free, but sometimes it will feel unsafe on the road. Therefore, the initial preparation plan is very important, it will make your trip more successful. Hopefully, the article Motorcycle Touring Tips And Tricks For You will provide useful information for you.

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