Clean Motorbikes Without Water And Things To Know

Clean Motorbikes Without Water And Things To Know

Waterless car wash technology is booming in the car wash business. This technology emerges through the ability to wash cars without water, helping shop owners save a lot of money. Clean Motorbikes Without Water And Things To Know will help you better understand this technology.

What is a clean motorbike without water?

Until now, everyone must be familiar with washing motorbikes with water and especially using a motorcycle wash pump, washing motorbikes without using water may be unfamiliar to many people. When using this technology, users do not use a water source or a motorcycle sprayer, but only need to use a specialized car wash solution, wipes, and some other cleaning tools.

Although it has just appeared on the market recently, the technology of washing motorcycles without water quickly conquers users because of its outstanding features. A special feature of this washing method is that the motorcycle wash solution does not need water. This is a kind of highly volatile organic solvent mixture.


This mixture includes a wetting agent, lubricant, surfactant, and protectant to clean and polish the surface of motorcycle paint. The surfactant present in this solution helps the wetting agent to enclose dust particles on the vehicle to liquefy.

Users only need to spray a waterless motorcycle wash solution on the surface of the motorcycle, wait for a while, and then use a specialized towel to wipe it. Note, this solution needs to be mixed in a snow foam sprayer or tools with specialized spray heads.

After wiping the liquid surface, the surface of the vehicle will be left with a thin layer of polish and the owner needs to operate to wipe the entire body of the motorcycle to be able to give their car a bright paint shadow. At this point, your motorcycle paint has been covered with a protective polymer protective layer, increasing dust resistance, and helping your vehicle shine for longer.

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Advantages of a clean motorbike without water

With this modern motorcycle washing technology, users do not need to use water to wash their motorcycles, which significantly saves water for car wash shops on the market. Not only that, washing motorcycles without water does not create mechanical friction, so it will limit scratching the surface of motorcycle paint. A thin layer of polish is formed after washing to protect the paint from environmental aggressors.


In the opinion of experts, the protective coating on motorcycles can protect and maintain for up to 1.5 months, providing oxidation resistance to help the gloss on motorcycles be long-lasting. When compared to the traditional method of washing cars using a professional motorcycle wash, this is an effective method of washing motorcycles to help protect the paintwork of motorcycles.

The advantage that attracts users to use this method is convenience. Users can perform cleaning work anywhere. The process of cleaning motorcycles is quick and saves time. No other devices are required. Normally to wash a motorbike we need a car wash, but with this method, we don’t need it anymore. This is the next information in Clean Motorbikes Without Water And Things To Know.

Disadvantages of clean motorbikes without water

Besides the outstanding advantages, this technology also has some limitations such as:

Washing motorcycles without water is only suitable for vehicles with little dirt, a thin dust layer. As for motorcycles that move continuously on dirt roads, with a lot of dust, the effect is not clean. Cleaning a motorcycle with a towel can cause sand to scratch the paint surface. In addition, heavily soiled locations such as undercarriage and wheels need to use a high-pressure motorcycle washer for a more effective cleaning process.

When choosing this modern technology, users also need to pay attention to the technical and professional qualifications of the technician. Because just making a small mistake, your motorcycle’s paint will be scratched, causing a loss of aesthetic beauty.

The process of cleaning motorbikes without water

Step 1:

First, you need to prepare a microfiber towel and fold it in half to create eight usable sides. Remember we use a microfiber towel as it provides high absorbency and softness, which helps pick up these dirt particles.
Note: We recommend that you make sure the towel is clean before use. It is recommended to use Microfiber Towels for car care. This is the next information in Clean Motorbikes Without Water And Things To Know.


Step 2:

Clean the vehicle in the following order:

– Imperial
– Side glass
– Side hood
– Side doors (top half)
– Front bumper
– Rear bumper
– The lower half of the side door
– The wheels

Step 3:

Just spray the solution on a folded cloth and at the same time spray on the area to be cleaned of the motorcycle, gently wipe with a specialized towel. Then use another towel to avoid scratching the motorcycle paint.

Step 4:

Gently wipe in one direction. Wipe the motorcycle body gently without applying too much pressure. Do not clean the motorcycle in a whirlpool.

Step 5:

When the towel is too dirty, use the other side of the towel. Or replace if necessary. This is the next information in Clean Motorbikes Without Water And Things To Know.

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