Top 5 Best Motorbike Accessories You Must Have To Ride A Motorbike

Top 5 Best Motorbike Accessories You Must Have To Ride A Motorbike

There are literally hundreds of the Best Motorbike Accessories available, ranging from dress-up parts to performance mods as well as functional add-ons. If you enjoy tinkering, it’s easy to get carried away. However, if you’re the type of guy who prefers to keep things simple, you could spend weeks deciding which few accessories to install.

Personal preference governs the selection of styling and performance modifications. When it comes to functional add-ons, however, these are typically chosen based on recommendations from other riders. So, in an effort to help you improve your routine riding experience, here are my personal suggestions for five best motorbike accessories you didn’t realize you needed.

Best Motorbike Accessories

Here is the list of the Best Motorbike Accessories we suggest you to have.

Heated Motorcycle Hand Grips

Heated Motorcycle Hand Grips
Heated Motorcycle Hand Grips

In the colder months, heated motorbike handgrips can double your riding time.

When you’re cold, your extremities suffer the most. When you’re riding a motorcycle and you’re cold, your fingers can start to lose feeling. This is, of course, a bad thing. Heated grips will help to prevent numb fingers, which can be risky for riders.

I’ve heard people dismiss heated grips as ineffective because they don’t warm the tops of your hands, which is correct. I’m not sure if those people have tried heated grips or not, but having heat radiating from below is enough to keep the cold from crippling your digits.

There are several companies that sell both universal and model-specific heated motorcycle grips. Heated grips are an optional extra for some motorcycle manufacturers.

A Motorcycle Phone Mount

To begin, a motorcycle phone mount offers a convenient and secure location to store your phone while riding. Most phones nowadays fill a back pocket and, as you’re probably aware, protrude out only when you sit on your motorbike. So, in order to avoid the danger of your expensive device sliding down the asphalt at 60 mph, you’ll need an alternate solution storage solution.

You could certainly put your phone in your jacket pocket. But that means fumbling with zippers while wearing gloves or removing your gloves to reach the phone. You can easily grab the phone while it is resting on your handlebars.

Then there’s the ease of use that a mobile phone provides riders. If you’re traveling in unfamiliar territory, using a navigation app can make life easier. Apps will alert you of upcoming hazards like road works, debris, or speed cameras in addition to providing clear turn-by-turn directions to your headphones.

Music is also present. If you like to listen to music while riding, having your phone right in front of you implies your Bluetooth signal is good and strong and far less likely to cut out.

 A Motorcycle Side Stand Foot

 A Motorcycle Side Stand Foot
A Motorcycle Side Stand Foot

We’ve all parked our motorbikes on a shaky surface, whether it was grass, soft dirt, or uneven asphalt. Like me, you’d have been nervous all day, fearful that you’d return to your adored steed to discover it lying on its side. In situations like these, a side stand foot is essential.

Which do you believe exerts the most pressure per square inch? A 100-pound woman in high heels or a 6,000-pound elephant? By far the most likely answer is the person in heels. A greater surface area results in less ground pressure.

This ingenious motorcycle accessory connects to the base of your bike’s side stand and nearly doubles its footprint. It’s as simple as that: more surface area equals less opportunity of your motorbike tipping over.

Battery tender USB charge

While most late-model motorcycles, including budget and beginner-friendly models, have one or more USB ports for charging mobile devices, the same cannot be said for vintage models. This handy and reasonably priced device connects directly to a motorbike battery’s harness (SAE lead) and adds a USB charging port to any bike. The device can not only charge a phone or tablet, but it can also power a motorbike GPS unit, action camera, or communication system.

While the charging port does not have an official ingress protection rating, it does have a connected removable cover that protects the electrical components within the port. Because of the QD harness, the USB port can be easily removed, so you don’t have to worry about it being stolen if your bike is left parked on the street overnight.

Helmet lock

We’d argue that a premium motorbike helmet is well worth the cost because it protects your brain, but after investing in a top-tier brain bucket, the last thing you desire to do is leave it sitting unsupervised on your bike while you’re away. The Helmetlok II is an extremely simple and straightforward piece of equipment that helps keep your lid from being swiped. The lock connects to a helmet’s D-rings (or ratchet) using a four-digit code, and its full aluminum but also zinc-alloy construction helps it withstand grinders as well as hacksaws, in addition to the elements.

We feel compelled to point out that, despite presumably destroying any (resale) value that a helmet may have, we know firsthand from personal experience that these locks will not prevent some thieves from cutting off the part of the helmet strap that’s also locked down. It is, however, a far safer option than simply leaving your helmet on the  tank, seat, or handlebars.


I hope that the article about the Best Motorbike Accessories can be useful to you. Enjoy your ride!